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Pet Formulation – 3,000mg Tincture

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Total Price:$293.99

This formulation is designed with your pet in mind! Since dogs and cats are more sensitive to smells we’ve designed this tincture to be as odorless as possible. It’s easiest to mix the CBD into their food but you can administer it orally as well!

This has 3,000mg of CBD Isolate in a 2oz (60ml) bottle. Each of our tinctures include a measured dropper for easy measurement! (This product contains 0.00% THC.)

Not sure how much to give your furry friend? We use this rule to calculate an estimated dosage: .5mg CBD to every pound of weight. Administer this dosage every day for 5-7 days in a row to see the desired results. Like people, some pets need as little as .25mg per lb or need as much as 2mg per lb. This depends on their size, metabolism, and what conditions you’re trying to mitigate. Using more or less of the tincture will decrease or increase the amount of days it can supply. Here are some example weights and dosages based on the .5mg to lb rule:

  • 10lb Animal = 5mg CBD/Day – 600 Day Supply
  • 25lb Animal = 12.5mg CBD/Day – 240 Day Supply
  • 50lb Animal = 25mg CBD/Day – 120 Day Supply
  • 100lb Animal = 50mg CBD/Day – 60 Day Supply

Studies show that CBD has the ability to benefit:


Ability to relieve anxiety and stress


Ability to reduce the risk of artery blockage


Ability to help eye pressure associated with glaucoma


Ability to reduce joint pain and arthritis


Ability to help digestion and appetite control


Ability to help healthy skin, hair and nails

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Pet Formulation – 3,000mg Tincture
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