unnamed 416x416 - CBD Infused Dog Treats

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CBD Infused Dog Treats

  • -CBD oil baked biscuits
  • -Helps dogs with joint pain, anxiety, seizures, etc.
  • -100% natural, raw ingredients only

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Frequently bought together:

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Total Price:$139.98

Dietary Supplement

We make these biscuits from start to finish! These treats are not sprayed or drizzled with CBD oil. We bake the oil right into the biscuits by mixing it in with the raw ingredients before they’re stamped out and baked in the oven.

Shown to help with dogs anxiety, joint pain, seizures and excessive barking. CBD provides anti-Inflammatory properties and is particularly good for older dogs with stiff joints.

  • Infused with full spectrum CBD oil extracted from US grown hemp
  • Professionally baked using spent grains from local microbreweries
  • 100% natural dog treats, made with raw ingredients only
  • Free of Gluten and Wheat, no preservatives or fillers added
  • Suggested dosage rates are included on packaging

8 oz net weight, 5mg active CBD per treat, approximately 100mg CBD per bag

Ingredients: Spent grains (no wheat), organic peanut butter, organic eggs, organic flower, CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBC, terpenes

THC levels are under the legal limit of 0.30% by volume. Certificate of analysis can be viewed HERE


Studies show that CBD has the ability to benefit:


Ability to relieve anxiety and stress


Ability to reduce the risk of artery blockage


Ability to help eye pressure associated with glaucoma


Ability to reduce joint pain and arthritis


Ability to help digestion and appetite control


Ability to help healthy skin, hair and nails

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CBD Infused Dog Treats
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