We create CBD-based products designed to help people live well naturally. We focus on all natural, organically grown and produced whole-plant CBD extract and terpene blended tinctures.

Awaken: a subtle but uplifting blend with a touch of citrus to be used to start your day

Dream: a calm and sedative blend with a hint of lavender to be used at night

Complete: a blend designed to provide all-day balance with a wonderful flavor of spearmint

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the naturally occuring compounds found in the hemp plant.

While further study will determine all the health benefits of CBD, sources continue to measure this compounds natural ability to soothe muscles, relieve stress, provide mental clarity, promote a better night’s sleep, and aid in pain management.

All of our CBD products are tested by our manufacturers through third party labs, we then verify those results through additional third party testing. The cannabidiol industry is relatively new, and so not all products or statements are evaluated by the FDA.

CBD that is extracted from hemp (like ours) has been made legal nationwide through the Agriculture Improvement Act passed in 2018.

All of our products are 100% THC free. Tetrahydrocannabiniol, or THC, is a compound found in cannabis. THC is a psychotropic which creates the ‘high’ experienced in recreational drug use.