The Positive Response of FDA Commissioner at a Recent Congressional Hearing

The Positive Response of FDA Commissioner at a Recent Congressional Hearing

At a recent congressional hearing, the FDA commissioner has responded to the queries of the bipartisan lawgivers with respect to establishing regulations for CBD items.

The FDA Commissioner, Stephen Hahn has highlighted enforcement actions taken by the agency against CBD companies that promote unverified claims regarding health benefits of their CBD items. In this regard, the commissioner said that further research is required for giving enforcement guidance.

He also reported that the FDA will be continuing sending warnings to the companies that claim their CBD items have the potency to treat cancer, Alzheimer’s and other critical diseases.

On the lack of clarification concerning consumers and CBD producers, the commissioner answered that a more pragmatic approach is needed.

The FDA also submitted a report on CBD rulemaking that includes that the agency is considering the allowance of CBD as a dietary supplement. Hahn has admitted that the agency is taking time to clarify about CBD supply as a dietary supplement but at the same time, he assured that within the upcoming months, everything should be sorted out.

People from all over America are eager to use CBD items because they believe that CBD is highly beneficial. In this concern, Hahn said that they were trying to gather data and the latest research to notify the American people. The newly-collected data would help decide the FDA should focus on either enforcement guidance or further rulemaking.

In a nutshell, Hahn expressed his views that the agency is working to collect data on the safety and effectiveness of CBD, which will help them to come forward in the right way. According to him, banning CBD products will be of no use as it will be a “fool’s game”.