CBD Companies Should be Aware of the FDA Crackdown on COVID-19 Medical Claims

CBD Companies Should be Aware of the FDA Crackdown on COVID-19 Medical Claims

During the coronavirus pandemic, where everyone is afraid of the deadly virus, some companies are trying to manipulate the general public opinion by selling fake COVID-19 products. Taking this into consideration, the FDA sent warning letters to all those companies that were vending fake products for coronavirus. This news article intends to notify all the CBD companies regarding FDA scrutiny.

The FDA strictly warned that the agency will not tolerate the mislabeling of any company’s products in regards to coronavirus treatment. Stephen M. Hahn, the FDA Commissioner proclaimed about the agency’s aggressive surveillance program to monitor online sources that sell fake health products.

One of the warning letters was sent to a CBD company that vends CBD products online. The company was selling fake products for coronavirus along with the catchy names that the FDA found illegal.

To sum up, any product that isn’t being approved by the FDA for the diagnosis and cure of any disease cannot be marketed as drugs. Any CBD company is likely to face federal enforcement action that is making fake or unproven health claims. If a company is uncertain about its labels and marketing materials containing statements that can lead to false health claims, the company should consult its lawyer.

The agency cleared that no drug or vaccine has been approved to treat COVID-19 by the moment. Some treatments and vaccines are under development stage, however; they have not been tested yet.