A New-Delivery Technology has Come up with Improved CBD Bioavailability

A New-Delivery Technology has Come up with Improved CBD Bioavailability

The self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) has come up with enhanced and better bioavailability of CBD. 

CBD is being extensively popular for bringing benefits for people that experience different conditions, from pains to mental disorders, in improving the quality of their everyday lives. However, it is considered that CBD has limited oral bioavailability.

By nature, CBD is lipophilic that dissolves in fats. For this reason, the bioavailability of CBD increases when taken along with food. Also, CBD’s concentrations are decreased before it is reached to the systemic circulation. Besides, CBD absorption varies from person to person.

A recent study has shown that the absorption power of CBD can be enhanced by the help of new technology. Scientists have found a new effective method, SEDDS, which is an amalgamation of oil and surfactants that intends to increase CBD absorption. The newly invented SEDDS VESIsorb technology allows CBD to be passed via a lymphatic absorption pathway instead of through the gastrointestinal system. An oral dose of SEDDS-CBD may cause better blood plasma levels of CBD and give a boost to the bioavailability of CBD in comparison with the previous CBD consumption method. 

As a part of the study, 8 men and 8 women were administered one dose of SEDDS-CBD and then compared it with control CBD. People involved in this study have taken the dose on an empty stomach in order to separate any food effects on CBD absorption. Researchers found that a single dose of SEDDS-CBD has caused 4.4-fold better blood plasma levels of CBD and improved bioavailability when compared with control CBD. In a nutshell, the new technology of SEDDS-CBD offers a more effective CBD delivery.

After knowing about the limited bioavailability of CBD, the question arises how long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain. Generally, CBD oil takes 15-20 minutes to show its effective results.

Does CBD make you sleepy” is also one of the frequently-asked questions of CBD consumers. Usually, CBD doesn’t have any side effects, however; some people might feel sleepy after taking CBD, which is normal.